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Still on the Market: Lucas Avenue Holdout

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Remember the home of the late Bob Pramenko, that elderly resident and famous holdout at 200 Lucas Avenue near downtown? Here's a look inside his Craftsman-like residence. As previously noted, Mr. Premenko was "stubborn like a mule," according to Lil Montalvo, listing agent at Coldwell Banker, because he refused to sell out to developers (there are two big developments on either side of his old house). But Mr. Pramenko's wishes live on--the home is still on the market (no price reduction, it's still listed at $429,000). It's not immediately clear what can go up on this site; in September Montalvos stated it could be torn down and a condo project could go up, but the listing does note that buyers have to "check with the city regarding its usage." But buyer beware: This house joins the perhaps cursed Orsini III-BBQ King killer.
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