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CurbedWire: Palihouse + Vine Goes Red, West Hollywod Sidewalk Closures

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HOLLYWOOD: The latest shot of Palihouse+ Vine, that under-construction development near Hollywood and Vine, clearly shows how red this building is. Is that cherry red? Blood red? The building's web site isn't giving many clues on what to expect, but it is announcing a spring 2009 opening. Older information indicated 57 residential units with a ground level restaurant and bar/lounge on the courtyard level, but who knows what's coming now. [Curbed Staff]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: An update from West Hollywood mayor Jeffrey Prang's office about the sidewalk/curb doings as a result of that under-construction Pavilions off Santa Monic Blvd: "November 17 - 22. Below are the major construction projects and street closures that will occur next week as part of the VONS/Pavilions project at the corner of Robertson and Santa Monica Blvds. Sidewalk Construction on Keith Avenue: Demolition and replacement of sidewalk and curb on the south side of the street will continue all week. The sidewalk will be closed and parking has already been temporarily relocated to the north side of Keith....Concrete pours are tentatively scheduled to begin on December 1st and final plans will be submitted by November 19th to allow for appropriate preparations and notice. [Curbed InBox]