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Week in Review: Yes on Westfield, Roosevelt Visit, Best Prop 8 Signs, Silver Lake Meadow Watch, History for Rent, Skybridge???

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CENTURY CITY: Adios, Becket. The City Planning Commission voted in favor of the expansion of Westfield's Century City mall complex, a move that'll tear down a Welton Becket-designed building. One of the concessions: Westfield reps announced the tower has been reduced from 49-stories to 39-stories.

DOWNTOWN: Recession, shmecesion. The newly opened Roosevelt had a big kick-off party and all was revealed: The pool, the floor plans, and the prices (around $600 per square foot). More puzzling than the high prices: Why so many Frenchies at the party?

LOS ANGELES: Wading through all the chicken signs, we racked up the funniest Prop 8 signs spotted out there. The gallery awaits.

SILVER LAKE: A water fountain arrived to the under-construction Silver Lake meadow and all of a sudden, the area is looking like a park/coyote free zone. You've only got to wait till Spring 2009 to get inside.

BEVERLY HILLS: Go rent an icon. Built in 1961 by Sidney Eisenstaedt, the old Friars Club home is now available for rent at $3.75 a square foot.

: Developer Chetrit doesn't have a track record of getting things done very, uhm, quickly, so take this news with a grain of salt: They want to build condos across the street from their forthcoming hotel on Grand Avenue. There's also a rumor of a skybridge. Yes, a skybridge.

Silver Lake Meadow (North Gate)

2270-2298 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90039