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EaterTastings: The Bazaar In Beverly Hills, Boycott at El Coyote, 15 Becomes Allston Yacht Club

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

[Sneak Peek at The Bazaar by Eater LA]

BEVERLY HILLS: Get ready! Our favorite PBS chef (sorry, Lidia) Jose Andres is soft opening The Bazaar at SLS Hotel on Monday and according to Eater, the place reads as "fun, simple, sublime and serious all at once."

MID-CITY: Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past week, the proverbial shite has hit the fan over at Mexican restaurant El Coyote. With news that the owner's daughter Marjorie Christoffersen donated $100 to the Yes on 8 campaign through her Mormon church, there is now an official Burrito Boycott of the restaurant. Opponents to Prop 8 are denying themselves neon cheese and spaghetti sides.

ECHO PARK: We were pretty excited to see Southern California so heavily represented on this season's Top Chef, including Alex Eusebio of 15. Now he's gone and 15 is no longer 15, as it becomes Allston Yacht Club. We don't really get the name, but we're sure it's meant to resonate with irony-loving Eastside hipsters.