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Echo Park GentrificationWatch: Here Comes Kantner

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The Eastsider LA blog points out the significance of local resident Gareth Kantner, who has helped shape Silver Lake and the character of Sunset Junction, taking one of the retail spaces at Jensen's Recreation Center. Kanter is opening a restaurant that'll serve "Italian peasant food and tapas" at Jensen's, an area that's ground zero for Echo Park gentrification. Via the blog: "Not only does Kantner own Cafe Stella, he also transformed the terra-cotta colored Sunset Junction buildings into the epicenter of Silver Lake cool. Here is where you will find his restaurant along with Intelligentisa Coffee and The Cheese Store of Silver Lake." Meanwhile, there's an architecture connection: We're fairly certain he lives in an Raphael Soriano-designed home--the Lipetz House--in Silver Lake. No, wrong house. [Image via You-Are-Here]
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