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The Luminous Truth of the Nokia Theater

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These are not our words, but that of Joanna Beresford writing for the Pasadena Weekly. The article begins a bit strangely with 20th-century French architect Le Corbusier and his thoughts on truth in buildings, before segueing to RTKL's Jay Clark—one of the architects of L.A. Live—talking about the highest and best use of space at Downtown's new megaproject. Then Beresford writes of L.A. Live's latest addition, the Nokia Theater, "Cosmically, luminously beautiful... and having hosted the American Music Awards, among other notable events, the theater symbolizes a new and vital vision for downtown LA; revitalized not simply for the purpose of spectacle, but for an accessible mixture of residential, commercial and public use that defines modern urban development." Now that's good press. [Pasadena Weekly]


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