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Still on the Market: Hollywood High Tower Duplex

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Listed wayyy back in January, this duplex at 2181 Broadview is only accessible via the famous High Tower elevator or a public walk street. In other words: "You can't ever drive to this house," listing agent Ray Dia tells us, adding that the hillside homes were built first, and the tower added later. The tower has been featured in various films including "The Long Goodbye"; more about the duplex via the listing: "Park in your private garage, walk into a gated tunnel where you board the famous "Hightower Elevator" that takes you to the top of the hill, just steps from your front door. Hardwood floors, a wall of glass opening to view deck, eat-in kitchen, small office/den, and a flat yard. Second unit 1 BDR/1 BA." It's listed at $849,000 (its dropped $100,000)." At one point, the home went into escrow, but the would-be owner dropped out (she was scared off by a garden wall that has rotted out and needs to be repaired). "Cosmetically, it needs a clean-up," Ray says. "But every resale does."
· 2181 BROADVIEW Terrace [Redfin]