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Curbed Inside: The Roosevelt Lofts, Part 2

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[For larger views of the price list, please visit our flickr set]

In Part Deux of our visit to The Roosevelt, downtown's newest loft-ish development, we're providing you with the price list that was handed out to those in attendance. A sales rep at the event told one couple that prices were averaging around $600 per square foot. We almost choked on the cheese, grapes, and wine we had stuffed in our mouth. In this economy?? That's outrageous! The cheapest most affordable unit available is an 802 square foot unit with interior atrium view on the fifth floor going for $497,191. We cornered another real estate agent shopping for downtown lofts for one of her clients and asked if the Roosevelt developers were crazy mental expecting to get these prices. She agreed that units were overpriced by about 20 percent, but it's something they're doing for marketing purposes. We said "Hmmmm...."

In the above photoset, we included a few additional photos of stuff we found interesting, like the refrigerator doors that required a super hard tug to open. Sadly our camera died before we could get a picture of the big fake waterfall in one of the building's lightwells. Also, if you wish to review the floor plans, we've uploaded the plans as a PDF file - Downloadable here.
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Roosevelt Lofts

727 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles, CA