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Mike Davis, Mr. Crankypants

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2008-11-grouchMike Davis, urban theorist, social commentator and political activist seems a little gloomy. The author of City of Quartz and Ecology of Fear seems to have quietly left his post at the University of California, Irvine. Where did he go? The autoreply on his email tells us little about his departure but a lot about his state of mind: "Mike Davis has resigned from UCI and no longer monitors this email account: which, in any event, will shut down in the next few days.  My writing and speaking schedule is full for the next decade (if I live so long) and I am not interested in documentary films, book chapters, or new projects of any kind. Students: for grade changes or other academic matters, please write: [redacted].  I will respond promptly." Where did Mr. Crankypants go? Let us know. UPDATE: According to one commenter, it's Goodbye Irvine, Hello Riverside, where he is now a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Creative Writing.