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Orsini Picketers On the Move, But Without A Rat

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Shame on Orsini for being another faux-Tuscan building? No, these picketers are from Carpenters Local 209 and they've been picketing outside developer G.H Palmer's properties for the last three months. This past Friday, the picketers moved to a prime spot on Cesar Chavez Avenue, right across from the construction site for Orsini III. According to the group's flyer, Palmer does not meet "labor standards for all its carpenter craft workers, including fully paying for family health benefits and pension." These guys at the booth told us they were unaware of the tradition of using an inflatable rat, but seemed interested in the idea. Meanwhile, it appears there was a meeting this past Monday night about a request to reduce the required rear yard size at Orsini III (but balconies are being added).
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