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CurbedWire: Factory Place Roof Job, Wilshire Boulevard Bus Talk, Talking NBC in North Hollywood

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DOWNTOWN: Since the last trip in August, Factory Place Lofts, that under-construction apartment conversion along 6th Street in the Arts District, has received some funky-looking roofs, as well as balconies. Last we heard, this 65-unit live/work rental development was supposed to be finished in January. [Curbed Staff]

MID-WILSHIRE: Via the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council comes this news: "The City of Los Angeles, Metro, and the County of Los Angeles are considering the feasibility of implementing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project on Wilshire Boulevard. This project will examine the potential for dedicated curbside bus lanes during the morning and evening rush hours. There will be 4 community meetings held throughout the project area to learn about and comment on the project." One of the meetings is tonight (from 6-8 pm) at the Wilshire United Methodist Church. [Curbed Inbox]

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Also meeting, err, right now at the East Valley High School: Communities United for Smart Growth, that group that would like to scale back that NBC $800 million project, are holding a town hall meeting to talk about the project. The meeting goes till 8 pm so you may still be able to make it. [Curbed InBox]