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Unlucky Lincoln Boulevard Getting All the Billboards

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Poor Lincoln Boulevard. When a group of volunteers organized by City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight founder Dennis Hathaway recently counted up all the billboards in Rosendahl's district (district 11), a 4.2 mile-stretch of Lincoln Blvd revealed the biggest concentration of the billboards: 84 boards. The counting is an attempt to track all the billboards in Rosendahl's district (even the city doesn't know how many illegal/legal boards there are). Meanwhile, a total of 563 billboards were found in Rosendahl's district. According to a press release from his office, this billboard-counting measure follows a request for the Department of Building and Safety to provide details on how many existing billboards can legally become digital boards and "and what remedies exist to limit the impact on surrounding communities." All this recent billboard activity on the part of the city's councilmembers seems (at least in part) to have been kicked off by the uproar over that electronic billboard that went up in Silver Lake. All the data in the Google map provided by Ban Billboard Blight.

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· Volunteer Billboard Inventory in Council District 11: We’ve Got the Results [BBB]