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Rumblings & Bumblings: Westfield's Fashion Square, Glendale's Croc Tower, and Hollywood Mystery Buildings

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Thank your again for keeping the questions coming. Please feel free to comment or email. We read! If you have answers to this weeks questions, questions for next weeks Rumblings, or answers to questions from questions long ago, please email them to us at

[The Verdugo Gardens project in Glendale]

1) Sherman Oaks: A reader pops two questions at us. First: "...any new news on Westfield's Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks re-development plans."

2) Glendale: And the reader's second question: "Wanted to know if there's any information regarding the proposed tower development on Central Ave and Sanchez, where Crocodile Cafe use to be."

3) Hollywood: Why are there nice buildings in Hollywood? Let's identify them and dirty them up. "Walking around Hollywood, I see several older commercial and warehouse buildings that have been thoroughly and stylishly renovated but have no indication of who or what is inside. Mostly they look they'd be architect's offices, but none has any nameplate anywhere. They are: 1603 Cosmo Street, 1608 Cosmo Street (with the same distinctive wrought iron cross found on several big Hollywood Blvd. buildings), and 1715 North Gower. Does anyone know what is done inside these handsome but mysterious buildings?"