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CurbedWire: LA Times Clock Back, Sci-ARC-Economy Talk, 1801 Avenue of the Stars

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DOWNTOWN: Following concerns that the Los Angeles Times building was missing the hands of its clock, it can be reported that the clock is back. Not sure how long it's been there, but this photo was taken on Sunday. And the time is wrong--the clock hasn't been updated since clocks were turned back an hour for Standard Time. Halfway there. Wrong street. Per comments from Blogdowntown:: There are two clocks -- one on the 1st street side and one facing toward 2nd. The 1st street one was missing its hands, while the 2nd street clock is pictured here." [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: This Saturday's lecture at Sci-ARC will examine what "urban design opportunities might be revealed by the current fiscal slowdown." That sounds positive. More via the press release: "What is the status of urban growth and redevelopment in light of the current economy? What effects will the re-regulation of financial markets have on real estate, development, urban culture, planning and architecture? As the first of a series of planned SCIFI at SCI-Arc symposiums, this event will aim to broaden the discussion of urban development from a singular conversation around of issues of capital and its movements to a multivalent conversation that embraces the urban economics of cultural production, aesthetics, ecology and social movements." More info on the web site. [Curbed InBox]

CENTURY CITY: A couple of photos of 1801 Avenue of the Stars in Century City, the Welton Becket-designed tower that would be torn down for the forthcoming big Westfield development. Mixed reactions from commenters so far on whether this building is a classic or not. [Curbed Staff]