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Hollywood's Palladium Sign Up, New Hotel Coming?

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Chop, chop, Palladium! Only one week left till the big Jay-Z show. Today, the old Palladium got its new sign, a close replica of the original 1940s sign, according to project architect Christopher Coe, who said his firm studied old postcards and film footage to nail down the details. And some old-timey Hollywood glamour for you: At night, the letters will light up red, blinking on in descending order. And how about this tidbit that we didn't seem to, err, know about: One of developers who is behind the Palladium project, Ravi Choudhry, said he is talking to hotel operators who have "had significant interest" in the site--a parking lot off El Centro-- located directly behind the Palladium.

While just in the talking phase, a hotel behind the Palladium is one consideration for the area, he said. The theory is that a nightlife spot could be served well by a hotel, and create a "golden era Las Vegas"-type synergy on this stretch of Sunset. Interesting! Doable?

And while he wouldn't elaborate on what hotels were interested, we got a sense that perhaps a chain like a Hard Rock Hotel would be a contender. But all of this talk is very preliminary, he stressed, adding that housing, retail, and office space for the lot have all been considered as well.

Additionally, both sides of the Palladium venue have 5,000 square feet of restaurant space, respectively. The developers are talking to restaurants for both spaces. And as previously noted, the venue opens October 15th.

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