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Some Sort of New Museum Planned For Downtown

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But where will it go? What we know comes via a press release--from last month--on the web site for downtown magazine LA Life, and from a post today on a Yahoo news group (the post advertises positions available at the museum). Via the press release: "Downtown LA: Christian Martinez publisher of Downtown LA Life Magazine has announced today the formation of a select committee to plan and develop a museum for Downtown Los Angeles. The proposed museum will exhibit and archive the history of Downtown through photography, personal papers, film, art, and the written word."

More about the committee and the museum via their web site:

(In Formation)

Christian Martinez, President
Anna Maria Lopez, Chair
Howard Lim, Treasurer
John Cox, Secretary

Honorary Chairs

Dr. & Mrs. Lee
Jack Mosby
Myra Wildhorn


Committee Members

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Boulet
Susan Brewer
J.T. Coldwell
Gloria Gilmore-Dahl
Saul Goldman
Edward Goldstein
William Olds
Jeffery Peterson
Peter Reichman

William Tennant


Chief Historical Advisor:

Brent C. Dickerson
University of California, Long Beach


Legal Representation:

Christie Gaumer, Esq.
Downtown Los Angeles

Departments in Development


(All Mediums - All Languages)

i. Department of Native History
ii. Department of Hispanic History
iii. Migration and Demographics
(Ethnic migration)
iv. Social and Political History
v. Non-ethnic and Transcultural History

Architecture, Art, and Design
(All Mediums)

i. Architecture and Design
ii. Arts and Culture
iii. Environmental Studies

Literature, Poetry, Film, Audio
(All Mediums)

i. Books, Papers, Monographs, Collections
ii. Poetry Collections
iii. Films, Media extracts, Recordings

And they are also hiring:

Posted by: "Downtown LA Life Magazine" morenet.rm
Tue Oct 7, 2008 12:47 pm (PDT)



We are seeking the following people to join our team. Positions will be paid/part time/full time when the museum is opened. You may be retired, a minority, disabled or have a challenged wellness history. Prefer, but not limited to local candidates. EEOC Diversity.

Computer database knowledge on both MAC/PC platforms is required. Presentation
software knowledge required, PowerPoint. Good communication skills to be
demonstrated. .

1. Librarian: Organize our proposed library and book / media donations and
research department. 5 years experience. Spanish Required.

2. Associate Historian/professional with a record of being active in Downtown
history projects. Spanish Required.

3. Space/Environmental Designer: designer with a track record of designing
public spaces.

4. Arts Representative: to join the DMA committee (voting position).
Please have a knowledge of the arts in Downtown, with-in an historical context.

5. Museum Curator: Knowledge/experienc e with museums and topic specific
collections in varied mediums. Spanish required.

Positions may require degrees and you may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of Downtown Los Angeles by oral review.

Please ask for details for each specific position. More positions to be announced. Please send a letter of interest with your qualifications to:

Downtownmuseum@ Downtownlalife. com ~ Attn. Monica Mendez
· DMA {Official Site]