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Panorama Place Developer is Kinda Shady

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The Daily News digs into the proposed Panorama Place development that could possibly rejuvenate a moribund section of Panorama City. As we mentioned in July, the project from Maefield Development Corp of Indiana is promising 400,000+ square feet of retail and 500 condos near the intersection of Roscoe and Van Nuys Blvd. The renderings are quite tantalizing. But as the Daily News notes, the developer of the project comes with some baggage that seems to be attracting those drug sniffing dogs. Among the not so pleasant things said about the developer: he was allegedly a major cocaine trafficker in the 70s; he was accused of bribing WeHo neighbors in order to put up billboards on his Sunset Millenium project; and he pulled out of the Sunset Millenium project before it was completed. Last week, Curbed spoke with a member of the Panorama City Neighborhood Council about the project - the developer was due to appear for a status update on the project's EIR. Unfortunately, the Neighborhood Council didn't hold much hope that the project would actually get built considering the current economic environment. They said it was nice enough, but it just wasn't likely to get built any time soon.
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