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Park Wilshire Opens Doors, Reveals Peachy Self

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Being inside this thing was cray-zee. Big, long hallways, big communal rooms, high ceilings, tall windows, all very awkwardly grand and spooky. It's Park Wilshire, that 20-unit peachy-pink condominium at 4848 Wilshire Boulevard that just opened its doors for open houses. The details behind this building were always a little odd--originally, 12 of the units had been purchased by investors, but now we're told that all those units are back on the market. Four of the units are in escrow, but for those interested, the condos range in size from 2,169-square feet to 2,797 square feet and are priced from $1.032 million to $1.72 million. Tour awaits in the gallery, but it's a dark tour as the electricity wasn't on yet in the units.
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