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Rumblings & Bumblings: Something on Selma, Fate of 1277 Wilcox, Construction at Bundy/Wilshire

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We've received three questions from readers like you. If you have info please leave a response in the comments or you may email us at We'll do our best to post an answer on Thursday.

[Does this building at Wilshire and Bundy have anything special going in?]

1) Hollywood: More mystery development. "For a long time workers have been renovating older brick warehousing the southerly half of the block between Ivar and Cahuenga north of Sunset. It looks like it will be commercial. All of a sudden on Sunday they bulldozed the parking lot hut for the small lot on the north half of the block, up to Selma, tore up the lot paving, & began intense 24hr. construction. This morning a fleet of heavy equipment is pouring in. But it's a tiny lot: this is only the eastern half of the Selma frontage, behind the east wall of Big Wang's, a quarter of a small block. Does anyone know what's going on?"

2) Hollywood: A reader questions the status of the 1277 Wilcox small lot subdivision project:"The last time I read about this project was here. My significant other was at one time interested in developing this property and was actually pleased that someone was able to do something sooner. It has been bladed but all work has stopped. Is the project on hold?"

3) West LA: A reader with a simple question. "whats going in this building at bundy/ wilshire [picture above]."