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What Dubai Worry? Tallest-Ever Tower Planned

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Dubai—so quaint. The emirate has plans to build a phallic tower that would rise over 200-stories, reports our Gotham sibling, Curbed. Undeterred by the global economic crisis, developers of this massive mixed-use development—called the Nakheel Harbour & Tower—are forging ahead. Some American investors may want to consider this statement from the project's developer (Nakheel) when they cancel projects that won't come online for years: "It was always going to be a project that would take 10 years-plus. When you go about trying to fund a project like this, you have to take account of the economic cycles." Back to the sexy: the project will have high speed shuttle lifts that allow people to see the sunset twice—from the bottom and again from the top of the building. [Curbed]