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Reader Rant: Can I Force My Building to Recycle?

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What's a poor eco-conscious reader to do? And why is St. Louis more green than LA? A reader writes: "I moved here about 6 months ago from St.louis Missouri where we had curbside recycling EVERYWHERE for at least 15 years. I was SHOCKED that Los Angeles is recycling on request... The building I moved into has a "Recycling Center" which gave me a sign of relief when I signed my lease. When I took down my first load of recyclables and opened it up and found it was being used as a storage locker... Since I'm the only tenant in the building there is NOTHING I CAN DO. PLEASE HELP. I cringe everytime I put a recyclable into the waste basket. I found an eco cleaning service that takes away my cardboard boxes and plastic when they come, but this is ridiculous. Is there any way I can force my building to recycle?"
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