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Hancock Park Synagogue Sued By Unhappy Neighbor

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Tomorrow a Los Angeles Superior judge will hear the case of Esma Younis, who has filed a lawsuit against her neighbor, Rabbi Chaim Baruch Rubin. According to the Larchmont Chronicle’s Suzan Filipek, Rubin moved next door to Younis (he moved to 303 S. Highland Ave.) and promptly built a 8,100-square foot synagogue on the property. Younis, who lives in a 1924 English Tudor home next to Rubin, tells the Chronicle that the synagogue draws crowds of up to 60 people on Saturdays and Jewish holidays, while there are also noisy bar mitzvahs and weddings. Younis filed a complaint back in 2004, “but several other lawsuits have kept it on hold,” according to the paper. More: "I'm not only doing this for myself," said the grandmother of two. "This is an historic place. Hancock Park is a residential area. This is supposed to be a house not a synagogue. Unfortunately, she did sign some sort of papers (it's not clear what the papers say) presented to her by the rabbi when he moved in. Photo via the Larchmont Chronicle
· TEMPLE ETZ CHAIM LAWSUIT [Larchmont Chronicle]