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A Few More Questions About Dodgertown

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Tomorrow the full city council will weigh in on the motion to ask for federal legislation to declare the area around Dodger Stadium "Dodgertown." Essentially, the zip code boundary would be re-drawn to create Dodgertown, a designation that is being done to drum up support for the forthcoming stadium renovations and the area itself. Are Dodgerdollars next? We had some more questions, and City Council Ed Reyes' press deputy Monica Valencia provided some answers.

1. If approved, does this mean that Dodgertown is considered a neighborhood or a designated area? "Dodgertown is a designation encompassing a specific area with its own zip code. Dodgertown is what they called the LA Dodgers' spring training home in Vero Beach, Florida. The team will be starting their Spring training in 2009 in Glendale, Arizona. So the idea is that Dodgertown is moving out west."

2. Will there be new signs put up indicating that you have clearly entered Dodgertown? Any idea of what those signs may look like? "At this time, no signage has been determined. But that doesn't mean there won't be any."

3. Do any residential homes fall within the limits of the proposed Dodgertown, making it so a person could actually live in Dodgertown? "I wish I could write Dodgertown on my envelopes to my letter friends! But there will be no residents captured within the zip code area. Dodgertown only encompasses Dodger Stadium property."
· Councilman Reyes Wants To Create "Dodgertown" [Curbed LA]

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