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Deemed Not Historic, Los Feliz Apartments Marked For Death

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How often does one see new condos go up in Los Feliz? The Los Feliz Ledger's Rachel Heller reports that the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission's denial of Historic-Cultural Monument status to the Glen View Garden Apartments at 1801-1817 N. New Hampshire Ave, a 1930s-era apartment building in Los Feliz, has paved the way for the structure to be demolished and condos to be built on the site. As Ken Bernstein, manager of the manager of the Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources, noted: "[The] issue is whether the building rises to the level of significance necessary for Historic-Cultural Monument status." What's coming, according to the paper: A five-story, 44-unit condo building. Among those that had lobbied for the apartments was the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council, who noted on its web site that the "apartments are wonderful examples of the fast disappearing style developed here in Los Angeles. Lushly landscaped, even including a central fountain, the complex is an early example of the Hollywood Regency Style that flourished in the immediate post World War II period." Edited image via the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council; see their whole "Save Me" image here.
· Historic Status Denied for Glen View Garden [Los Feliz Ledger]