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New To Market: Esquire House Above the Bird Streets

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Ever since 2003, Esquire magazine has taken a condo or home (either in LA or NY) and decorated it/dubbed it the Esquire Home, a process that involves making the place as bachelor-y, tech-y, and sexy as possible. Their third LA Esquire House, a home above the Bird Streets, debuted this fall, and according to some press releases, the home will serve as a venue for fundraisers and charity events till November. (Per Flickr, lots of photos of a recent Rock the Vote party.) Also, you can buy this home--it just came on the market for $12.95 million. And no, that price doesn't include the furnishings, but they are available for sale. It's not clear if those shirts are up for grabs, too.
· 1895 Doheny Drive [Rose and Chang]