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CurbedWire: Larchmont Politics, Barker Block Hires An Aussie, Koreatown Affordable Housing

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LARCHMONT: Heck of a stance, Paulie. A reader forwards the following ad and writes: "It is page 4 of the realty section of October Larchmont Chronicle. Perhaps he'll attract GOP customers at his Coldwell office... but he'll piss off a helluva lot of others. Either way, he's got brass balls." For anyone staring at the ad, trying to figure out what it means, it would seem agent Paul Schnee is referencing this ongoing joke. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Developer Kor has released another round of units of its Barker Block units. Checking out the web site for Barker Block, which may have been up for a while, it sounds like they hired an Aussie to do the voiceover. Hmm. Some people love an Aussie accent, others wince at the accent (too nasally). Voiceover company run out of Brits, Kor? [Curbed Staff]

KOREATOWN: Courtesy of a $3.2 million loan from the Community Redevelopment Agency, 60 more units of affordable housing will come to Koreatown, near Pico and Vermont. A five-story, L-shaped complex spanning 107,000 square feet, the Menlo Housing Project will contain 56 low-income apartments and four very-low income units. Amenities include an office for tenant services, a community room for after-school programs and computer classes, and plenty of parking. Construction will start in September 2009 and should wrap up by 2011. [Curbed Inbox]