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Week In Review: Piano in LA, SolairWatch, Brentwood Pool, Big Housing Plan, Billboard Backlash, New Rail Line?

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MIRACLE MILE: It's a mini-me, BCAM-style: Architect Renzo Piano was in Los Angeles to talk about his new building, the teeniest project ever. Full description and press conference here.

: Hey, so that's how the building is going to change the neighborhood. Just in time for the rainy season, the scaffolding was removed from Solair. Bring an umbrella.

BRENTWOOD/PACIFIC PALISADES: It was one of three homes that we stopped at during the AIA/LA's architecture tour in Brentwood and the Palisades: And what a pool! It was the Abramson Teiger-designed Kelly Residence.

The Mayor unveiled his $5 billion, five-year plan for housing for Los Angeles, a proposal unveiled at a press conference at the Wilshire/Vermont Station. What a week to announce the news.

: Silver Lake residents got a good look at the new electronic billboard on Silver Lake Blvd-- and then decided to try and kill it. The outrage was enough for City Council Eric Garcetti to ask the city to look into the legality of that pact made with Clear Channel over the billboards.

: Sweet, sweet rail. A proposed new line that would run from LA's Union Station, through South LA, Inglewood, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Carson and end in Long Beach, got everyone fired up. The usual suspects came out and expressed the usual worries about the proposal.


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