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Reader Rant: No More Halloween Hangings, Please

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A reader isn't fond of this whole hanging trend going on this Halloween: "The hanged Sarah Palin figure might be getting all the attention, but at the southwest corner of Laurel and Willoughby there's another hanging figure hanging from a noose on a tree. I saw it a couple weeks ago and when I passed by the other day I assumed it would have been taken down because it's in SUCH poor taste.

And directly ACROSS THE STREET from an elementary school!! But nope, it's still there. As a parent this makes me SO angry; whoever lives in that house in an incredibly insensitive huge fucking sadistic asshole who must get pleasure from traumatizing children. No other way to put it. Maybe b/c it's City of L.A. technically it hasn't gotten as much attention or garnered as much outrage from elected officials."
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