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Idiot Disease Spreading

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The Sarah Palin effigy has been unnoosed and removed from the home in WeHo, finally. We can all breath a little easier now, right? Wrong. A nutball in Redondo Beach has stirred controversy with her own depiction of Barack Obama hanging from a noose with a meatcleaver stuck in the throat. Luckily, quick action has resulted in the removal of the NOBAMA display. Via the Daily Breeze: "The lynched effigy of Democratic candidate Barack Obama came down after police officers and a representative from John McCain's local campaign office paid a visit to [homeowner] Lisa Castaneda last night and convinced her to take it down, according to authorities.... "I disapprove of him, period," she said. "I am appalled by a man who is so close to being our president who won't put his hand on the Bible, who won't wear a flag pin." [Towleroad/Daily Breeze]