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Christmas Miracle: Angels Flight Track Work Begins*

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Rail work began this week on Angels Flight, that Downtown funicular that previously connected Bunker Hill to the Historic Core. A 2001 Angels Flight fatal accident closed down the ride, and there's been much speculation about when the 107-year-old funicular would open again. According to foreman Ken Johnson (pictured, wearing orange), the original two cars will be delivered this weekend and tested out on the tracks next week. As far as the official opening? "It could be Thanksgiving, but it's looking more like Christmas," he said. Work that took place this week involved refastening the clampings and redoing the rail splicings, he said. Meanwhile, John Welborne, president of Angels Flight Railway, referenced the forthcoming work this spring, stating that he "expects the contractors to return the two historic railway cars, Olivet and Sinai, to the tracks soon." UPDATE: Here's an email update from Welborne: "Work has been going on all year - however not on the tracks, where work is visible . . . as you noted today. As you realize (because it's posted on Curbed LA, I think!), the new Drive machinery was installed late last year. Today, the engineers were testing a cable on this new Drive. Both the restoration and the restoration fundraising have been ongoing all year. We expect to complete both soon --but we don't have a specific date yet. I'll try to keep you posted of developments and reopening projections." *Headline updated to indicate it's the track work that's going on now.
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