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While everyone awaits developer Rick Caruso's decision on that mayor's race, Americana at Brand was scheduled to receive a 100-foot, white fir Christmas tree this past Tuesday. Hey, Americana blog, chop chop! Where's the pic? Via the press release: "The tree will be decorated over the next couple of weeks with 10,000 lights and 15,000 ornaments in time for the first holiday Christmas show at The Americana at Brand on Saturday, November 15." Meanwhile, Time magazine covers the development, interviewing a renter at the Brand. It's a Q & A: "How has the economic downturn affected residential life at the mall? "There are still a lot of people looking--I guess because of the novelty of the place. The move-ins slowed down about a month ago." He also talks about how he saves gas money by living at Americana. [Time]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210