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CurbedWire: Colorado Blvd's Ugly Pillars, A Future Without Cars

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EAGLE ROCK: That abandoned DHM Lofts project on Colorado between Holbrook and Linda Rosa Streets was mentioned on the site last month, but we didn't realize just how ugly those pillars were until we saw them in person. Terrible. Like giant teeth. [Curbed Staff]

CULVER CITY: Next week, Antioch University Los Angeles will host a free public workshop about transportation. Via the press release: "The Urban Community and Environment concentration within the B.A. program at Antioch University Los Angeles, along with the Student Action Network will host a free, daylong workshop for the public on people-powered transportation on Friday, November 7th. "A Future Without Cars? People, Bikes and Community in 21st Century Los Angeles" will be held at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City from 9:30am to approximately 5:00pm and is open to anyone interested in conversations surrounding the development of new transportation norms in the greater Los Angeles area." More information here. [Curbed InBox]