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Eagle Rock Project Abandoned, Construction Site Remains

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Bohemian community meets developer who has little regard for aesthetics of area, drama ensues, economy tanks, abandonment of construction site results. The Los Angeles Times' Scott Gold looks at DHM Lofts, an under-construction and now abandoned 17-unit "live-work" loft project in Eagle Rock that has become an "emblem of excess and bad planning" for the neighborhood. The developer blames the economy for the death of the project, which may be true, but locals also point to the dangerous decaying cliff the project was built near (after a rain storm, the pillars started leaning). Additionally, the drilling for those pillars may be adding to the instability of the whole area (two other homes are now close to the edge of the cliff). Worse, hundreds of hipsters will have to endure looking at the abandoned site, which may be sold at an auction, during this weekend's Eagle Rock Music Festival.
· Abandoned project doesn't fit in with Eagle Rock's progress [LA Times]