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Scoped: Harbor Subdivision Transit Corridor Would Link LA to South Bay

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[Partial map of Harbor Subdivision Transit Corridor. Larger Map HERE]

One of those far-off, distant future transportation plans is rearing its ugly head like Putin over Alaska. The Easy Reader reports that Metro held a scoping meeting in El Segundo to get local feedback on a proposed rail line utilizing the existing freight rail right-of-way that goes from LA's Union Station, through South LA, Inglewood, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Carson and finally ending in Long Beach. Metro is exploring the use of light-rail, bus rapid transit, or Metrolink trains that would connect all the cities, with a potential spur to LAX. Sadly (let the kvetching begin) there are problems ahead, including a lack of funding, naturally, and this:

"...perhaps the project's most daunting challenges are the potential impacts on the neighborhoods it would traverse. [Metro project manager Kathleen McCune] said that rail line has more than 100 "at grade" street crossings, which many mass transit critics argue are safety hazards." In fact, transit activist Damien Goodmon made an appearance at the scoping meeting where he stated that the rail line shouldn't go through neighborhoods but should follow the 110 freeway instead. Metro is planning further meetings on the 26-mile corridor in February.
· MTA considers rail line from LA through RB [Easy Reader]