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Luckman Construction Continues, But No Soho House Confirmation

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Last we heard, Soho House Los Angeles, a West Coast outpost of the British private club, was headed towards the penthouse of Luckman Plaza, the under-renovation, 14-story commercial building erected by Charles Luckman in 1964. In anticipation of that reported move-in, the Soho House threw a series of Oscar parties in the penthouse of the building, which is currently being renovated by local firm Kanner Architects. But now a representative for Soho House says nothing has been decided yet on the exact location of the forthcoming club. Via her email: "No details of Soho House LA have been confirmed yet at all, therefore there is no information I can give you at the moment. There is no confirmed date for opening either." So all we can offer is the latest construction shots of the building. And renderings, of course.
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