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Venice Street Fiasco: Whole Foods Manager Responds

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Earlier this week, a resident of 7th Avenue avenue wrote a little rant about his street being used as the unofficial loading dock for new Whole Foods. Well, there's a response in the form of a comment left on the post by Mike Bowen, team leader of said Whole Foods. According to Bowen, the storage bins have been removed; he also addresses the parking for employees situation. Let's just go right to the comment: "To our neighbors and other concerned readers who commented on this forum: team leader of the Whole Foods Market in Venice. I agree with you, the storage bins were an eyesore and an inconvenience and I apologize it took as long as it did for the rental service to remove them."

Bowen continues: "As of yesterday (October 2), they have been removed, freeing up parking spaces for the area residents. I also agree with those who suggested the easiest way to resolve an issue with us is to simply walk into the store and speak with a manager. If you've visited any one of our stores, you'll know we're not a faceless corporation. We're your neighbors, we're good people and we're committed to providing everyone with the best shopping and eating experience possible. While the store does employ more than 200 people, only 60 or so are on the clock at any given time. Behind the store, we have enough parking for half the team. We have incentive programs for team members to bike or walk to work - and many do. That leaves two dozen or so cars per day parked legally within the neighborhood. I will encourage my team members to spread out, to lessen the burden on adjacent streets. As for the reports of team member smoking, I legally can not forbid any person the right to smoke outside the store, but I will do my part to control the issues that I can. I will talk to all team members about the impact of smoking on our neighbors and remind them to be respectful of our neighbors and help us keep the neighborhood clean. As for the shipments and deliveries, I will do my best to make sure every visiting truck and driver limits noise to the best of their ability. To those who advocated diplomacy and dialogue, I thank you. I look forward to years of continued service, and an ongoing dialogue, as your grocer and good neighbor. Mike Bowen Store Team Leader Whole Foods Market Venice."
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