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Curbed Reader Comment Round Up

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1) ListingsWire: Beverly Owl Building, LA River-Munich River Sex: "Brilliant. Let's put water from a completely different ecosystem into a "river" we are trying to restore. It's always a good idea to add non native things to our California landscape."

2) Renzo Piano in LA, Talking Miracles and Travertine: "Wildly, recklessly uninspiring. The original LACMA campus was so austere, it was practically a Roark drawing from Warner Bros' production of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I'm sure the Resnick'll be functional in a making Ayn Rand happy kind of way, but these building are not going to inspire a child to become an architect. The Broad and Resnick buildings both remind me of Rafael Moneo's Cathedral--not the design, but the lack of awareness of and love for Los Angeles. Maybe Piano resents Los Angeles for building the Beverly Center, which was originally a riff on the Pompidou, but is now just a big dijon elephant."

3) Harvard Heights' Craftsman Craps Cash: "This is a much better idea than putting your kids in show business, and you get to keep all of the money. Plus, your house will never show up drunk in the tabloids. This story is the best argument for historic preservation I've ever seen."

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