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CurbedWire: Melrose Vandals, Silver Lake Robot Cloud

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MELROSE AVENUE: Tagging and vandalism goes on all over the city, but we're going to guess the vandals didn't realize how they were changing the meaning of this ad (it's for a company specializing in period furniture) when they splashed it with paint. Or perhaps they did? Either way, if this was an authentic Damien Hirst piece, it'd be worth thousands. (And uhm, sorry for the grossness.) [Curbed Staff]

SILVER LAKE: Hey, the kids at Materials & Applications are about to switch their outside art exhibition. Something about a robot cloud and it's coming October 11: "'Eddy Sykes’ Yakuza Lou is a site-specific installation that uses the relationship between the natural and mechanical notions of landscape, to create a unique garden with pushing and folding topographic surfaces and a robot cloud that floats overhead creating a volume in constant pseudo-natural flux." More on the web site. [Curbed InBox]