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Neighbohood Watch: Peafowl in La Canada

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The city of La Canada Flintridge has been roiled by a peafowl controversy that culminated in a five hour city council meeting last week with pro-peafowl and anti-peafowl opponents sparring over the flower eating and poopy birds, reports the Valley Sun. “We are not at risk of having the neighborhood dissolve into a fist fight,” said Lisa Phelan, an El Vago Street resident who led the charge to have peafowl removed from the city. Phelan said she understands some of her neighbors’ love of the beautiful birds, but contends the peafowl are a nuisance, dangerous to public safety and a risk to public health. “Please listen to your constituents,” she told the council. “Remove the entire population [of peafowl] now.” [Valley Sun]