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Sunset Strip Museum Considered for West Hollywood

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More evidence that the Sunset Strip is trying to clean itself up: The Park La Brea News/Beverly Press reported last week that the West Hollywood City Council granted $95,000 for a study that would look into creating a museum that would chronicle the history of music and entertainment along the Sunset Strip. West Hollywood mayor Jeffrey Prang tells the paper: "One of the things we wanted to try and capture in the museum is a sense of West Hollywood’s contribution to music and rock and roll, and recognizing that it was artists ike ‘The Doors’ and ‘The Who’ and many, many others which got their start in Hollywood." Additionally, this news follows that story about a museum planned for downtown. Speaking of: Monica Mendez of the Downtown Museum Association emailed us some more information about that proposed project. "We have already over $400,000 pledged. We have many resources and good capitalization connections....we are looking in South Park [as a location for the museum] since it has the highest potential traffic of both locals, tourists and others." Meanwhile, the new Grammy Museum at the corner of Olympic and Figueroa will open in early December.
· Beverly Press/Park La Brea [Official Site/pdf story]