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Mayor Villaraigosa: We'd Take A Waldorf

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While Beverly Hills residents could ultimately reject that proposed and contentious Waldorf Astoria hotel on election day next week, the Beverly Hills Courier suggests the hotel could ultimately land up at 10000 Santa Monica Blvd, site of that now-shelved Nouvel tower. And the paper quotes Mayor Villaraigosa as stating he would welcome a Waldorf in Los Angeles. More: "Building a major luxury hotel just outside Beverly Hills City limits is exactly what the owners of the Four Seasons on Doheny Drive at Burton Way did when City voters rejected its proposed site in the Golden Triangle. One of the arguments of supporters of Measure H is that the Four Seasons was still built but that Los Angeles receives all the revenues while Beverly Hills is impacted just as much as if the hotel were in this City. They say they do not want what they view as a serious mistake by City voters repeated." [Beverly Hills Courier]