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Country Needs Therapy, Stat

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Awaiting officials who may come to repossess her home, a woman in Mira Mesa, CA, has chained herself to her front porch. Wearing a chain belt, she tells the TV news crew: "It's our castle, it's every American's dream and that dream has been shattered by the banks." Background: She refinanced with an adjustable rate mortgage. But the bank insists that she's not the victim and questions what happened to a $300,000 loan. It's a delicate time to bring this up, but isn't it time to get America on the couch and start re-examining our views of home ownership and what it stands for? At least let's give out a few Paxils to ward off all those other suicides and attempted suicides over foreclosures. Video of the Mira Mesa woman is here. [ZIllow Blog]