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CurbedWire: Big Hollywood Retaining Wall, Urban Land Institute

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: But surely it's the work of the evil bees. A reader writes: "A crazy retaining wall is being built on North Sycamore, behind Yamashiro restaurant. I used to live in this neighborhood, and that wall of cut-away rock was always susceptible to crumbling, year-round, and muddy landslides during heavy rains. Over the years, various attempts have been made to contain it -- sandbagging, heavy tarping, blah blah blah -- the remains of which can be seen here (see the street-view pic). But clearly it's been determined that drastic measures were necessary to keep the house(s) above (which is on La Presa Drive, a few doors down from Penny Marshall's house) from falling off the hill. I presume the city's paying for this, since failure of that wall of rock would damage several homes immediately across the street. this has got to be at least $500,000 worth of retaining wall (if not more)." [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Exciting news/some new blood re: the Urban Land Institute. "ULI Los Angeles, a district council of the Urban Land Institute has announced Katherine Aguilar Perez as its new Executive Director. Perez is the former Vice President of Development for Forest City Development, and was co-founder and Executive Director of the Transportation and Land Use Collaborative of Southern California. Working with ULI Los Angeles Board Chair Wayne Ratkovich, Perez commands day-to-day workings and long-range programming of ULI Los Angeles, one of the largest and most active district councils of the international Urban Land Institute." [Curbed InBox]