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Candy Brothers' 9900 Wilshire: Back to Square One

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The Beverly Hills Courier talks to Nick Candy, one of the uber-developers behind the proposed Richard Meirer-designed 9900 Wilshire project. As announced last week, Candy and his brother Christian are now considering turning a portion of the project into a hotel (originally, it was all condos). As Candy tells the paper: "I can’t get financing on 250 condominiums.” But the Courier talks to one local hotel operator, who questions the feasibility of the project, while Planning Commissioner Noah Furie issued a statement last week noting that in terms of getting entitlements, the project--if it has a hotel--is basically back at "square one." And it's not clear in what context this quote was given, but is there some worry about where the money is coming from? Via the paper: "The Candy’s say they will not finance with Middle Eastern money, but Nick Candy states, 'The City of Beverly Hills needs to have a reality check, not all Middle Eastern money is terrorist money.'" No Middle Eastern money at all?
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9900 Wilshire

9900 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA