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Judge Rules Expo Line Must Be Grade Separated in Two Spots

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Expect your first trip from Downtown to Culver City to be delayed a little. A judge has ruled against Metro and determined that it is in the best interest of the community (for safety reasons) if the light rail line is grade separated at crossings near Dorsey High School and Foshay Learning Center. Via the LA Times:

Judge Kenneth Koss ruled that the Expo Line should build pedestrian bridges over the crossings, both of which are next to schools in South Los Angeles -- Dorsey High and Foshay Learning Center. It is potentially a huge setback for the Expo Line Construction Authority. If Koss' ruling stands, completing the needed environmental studies and building the two bridges -- with elevators -- could cost $18 million and delay the opening of the line one to three years, said Richard Thorpe, the chief executive of the authority.

In a press release sent out by Damien Goodmon last night, he cautions that while this is good news for the community, it remains to be seen whether the Public Utilities Commission (the ultimate decision maker in this matter) will adopt the judge's ruling or choose some other alternative during their November 21st meeting.
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