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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Rio Park and 2121 Lofts

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Thanks for the help in the comments! If you have an update, correction or new questions, please send us an email at Digital photos are especially welcomed.

[Plan for Rio de Los Angeles Park via Rio de Los Angeles SP General Plan]

1) Northeast LA: The unidentified park on San Fernando Road is the Rio de Los Angeles Park. Per commenters: "The park opened about two years ago. It has sportsfields and parking near San Fernando road and a pretty "wetlands" area with trails towards the river. It's still separated from the river by railroad land but there are plans to eventually connect it to the river as part of the river remake effort." Commenters also warn of potential gang rivalries around Division Street.

2) Downtown: A reader had a question about the awesomeness that is/was the 2121 Lofts. Sorry, we have no new info to add to the swirling rumors. But more importantly, did that dog park ever get built? Is it nice? Is it overrun by homeless dogs? We're putting the developer on speed dial and will check with them more frequently.