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Just Bought: Pool Jumper in Los Feliz

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Think no one is buying in this wacky market? Pshaw. Buyers are just more cautious. Just Bought looks a recent purchase and examines why a buyer chose the home and neighborhood they did. Email us if you want your new home photographed or want to be interviewed.

Back story (tale comes via a friend): "Originally it was listed for $2.8 and then it was lowered to $2.6. He offered $2.2 and it was rejected. Apparently, he was relieved because he's super nervous about buying a house anyway. Then they dropped the price to $2.2 about a week later and he decided to go for it."
Random bit: "He really just fell in love with the house; he jumped into the pool in his underwear at the open house."
· 4318 Parva [Official Site]