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Counting Billboards in Venice

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City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents council district 11 (which includes Venice) has submitted a motion asking the Department of Building and Safety to take an inventory of all billboards in his district, according to The Argonaut. This weekend volunteers will do their own counting, taking an inventory of all the billboards in Rosendahl's district (one of the longstanding problems has been that the city has no idea how many illegal billboards are out there), and presenting the info to the Department of Building and Safety. Additionally, there's talk in Venice about creating a law that allows the public to weigh in on new billboards (currently, billboards can go up regardless of how locals feel about them). Says Dennis Hathaway of the Committee to Ban Billboard Blight: "If we can show a pilot program in our district that works, it could succeed in other districts." [The Argonaut] Updated