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Crazy Bee Swarm Reported Near Sunset Plaza

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Following that report of a bobcat spotted near Sunset Plaza, comes word of a bee swarm. Is this some viral marketing scheme for that bee movie? A reader writes: "Wow, did anyone else report a swarm of bees parading west on Sunset near Sunset Plaza on Tuesday afternoon? I started crossing the street near the Equinox/Primo complex when 100s of bees buzzing around sort of got in my way. The two women crossing next to me almost screamed as they reached the other side. It reminded me of that scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where all the little UFOs come speeding around that bend. If you looked across the street, you could just see them all buzzing around kind of moving westward. I mean, when you walked across the street, they would literally hit you as they buzzed westward." [Curbed Inbox]