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CurbedWire: Santa Monica Building Mystery Solved, State of the Oceans Talk

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HOLLYWOOD: This building on Santa Monica and Sycamore, a very quiet stretch of street, has been under construction for a while, but now there's an answer to what's going on. Maybe you were wondering, too. A production company bought the building, a former old antique warehouse, and plan to move to the site. Local architecture firm Shubin + Donaldson is behind the renovation. [Curbed Staff]

VENICE: Maybe you or someone you know wants to know more about what to do about our increasingly sick seas. This event sounds inspiring. Via the inBox: "I'm very proud to announce the Venice Neighborhood Council's next event this THURSDAY, OCT. 23, @ 6:00 PM - THE STATE OF OUR OCEANS TOWN HALL.

We will have a panel of experts discussing the health of the Santa Monica Bay, the effect of our years of polluting, and what solutions are available on a State, local, and individual level. Although there are many alarming issues involving our oceans (over-fishing, rising acidity, coral bleaching), we decided to focus specifically on our local problems regarding pollution and waste flowing into our Bay. Several environmental organizations will have booths set up there, including Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Baykeepers, and the Algalita Foundation. It should be a very enlightening event, and one that will provide a deeper understanding to what's happening to the environment around us." [Curbed InBox]